Mariesa Q. Arthur, PLLC

Associate Broker | Director of Career Agent Development

Mariesa started out in Real Estate over twenty-three years ago with a focus on residential sales. Starting the business as a single mom, she faced many, if not more, of the challenges and obstacles that the new and veteran real estate agents face today.


Generous with the knowledge she has acquired, Mariesa wanted to share what she had learned over the years with new and veteran agents. She joined a large Valley real estate firm’s Mentor Program, as a Mentor to the new agents just starting out in Real Estate. She quickly realized that in order to provide her growing group of agents with the level of support that they needed, that mentoring would be a career choice requiring 100% of her time and attention. From that point she created an extensive training curriculum to provide a clear path to success in both listing and sales of residential properties.


In September of 2002, seeing the success of the program Mariesa had created, she was hired to head up and implement a structured training program as the Director of what’s now called the Career Agent Development. Her role as the Director is to recruit, inspire, train, to manage new agents, veteran team members, along with the team of Field Coaches and her support staff. Her goal with the Career Agent Development is to provide a productive, supportive environment to help agents develop at a rapid pace and to help them experience success.


Mariesa joined DPR Realty in January of 2009, bringing the Career Agent Development with her. Over the years well over 700 agents have come through the Career Agent Development. Mariesa takes pride in saying, “For me, there’s nothing more rewarding and gratifying than to know that I made an impact in an agent’s successful career in Real Estate. I like to refer to our program as The Roadmap to Success!”

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