We Know Agents Can Become Isolated, Jaded and Burnt Out. We See It Time and Time Again In The Real Estate Industry. Instead, Join The DPR Agent Development Community Which Will Lead You To:

1. More Confidence

2. Greater Real Estate Knowledge

3. Peer Support and Camaraderie

4. A Steady Stream of Business

5. Financial Stability

6. A Real Estate Career To Be Proud Of

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Our DPR Agent Development Community Package Contains All The Following Plus More.

  • On Demand Training
  • Live In Classroom Training
  • One On One Coaching and Accountability 
  • Business System To Set You Up For Success
  • Monthly Team Meetings
  • Access To Commercial Community and Training In Commercial Real Estate
  • Social Media Created For You To Use On Your Platforms
  • Camaraderie That Comes With Being A Part Of A Team
  • DMO Point and Reward System…Shhh…It’s A Secret!

A Little About Our DPR Agent Development Community...

It is the mission of The DPR Agent Development Community to expertly guide agents and provide exemplary support that will allow them to reach their fullest potential in Real Estate.
How Can We Help...
  • Combined over 100 years of mentoring, training and coaching experience
  • Valley-wide, full time, 7 days a week support
  • Our collective average sales price is above $475,000
  • Close to 800 agents trained and mentored since 2002

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Hello & Welcome To the CAD Community!

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