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Welcome to our Agent Spotlight Page. We are happy you are here, please take some time to meet some of our agents! As you can tell we are so proud of them and their accomplishments.

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Meet Cat Isfan…Here is a little inspirational nugget from one of our most recent CAD/DPR Monthly Agent Meetings. Enjoy!

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Meet Joe Sjoberg…Many aspire to achieve a healthy work-life balance. With hurdles and obstacles along the way, having work-life balance is certainly a great goal to continuously reach for. Work-life balance is the state of equilibrium where a person equally prioritizes the demands of ones career and one’s personal life. This rising star makes it look easy even though we know it’s not. Doing hard things takes a tremendous amount of dedication, perseverance  and fortitude and that’s what you get with Joe Sjoberg. He’s dedicated and then some…

Proud of you Joe and all that you continue to achieve for yourself, your family and your clients!  

Meet Ross HarwoodWe can all use a dose of inspiration every now and then.  Ross Harwood shares a few tips and opens up about how peer support and surrounding himself with likeminded people has had a positive impact on his career and life. His words are profound and no matter what career you are in, everyone can benefit from his inspirational monolog.

He says it best when he says, “there’s nothing like the power of people, people make you better!” Whether friends, family, clients or peers, I’m sure all can agree we are fortunate to have you Ross in our lives.

What a class act to have on your side! 

Congratulations Ross on all that you continue to achieve!

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Meet Sherri Moore…The “Queen of Consistency” Sherri is one of our Agent Academy Coaches and she is a true example of BALANCE. She balances her work and play so beautifully and shows us that it can be done. With a strong, consistent and diligent effort she touches the lives of so many whether it be her own clients, family, friends, team mates and of course her Agents she mentors. When you are in the presence of Sherri you know she is with you and engages with you completely even though she may be juggling so many other things in her life, but you will never know it. That is a sign of a someone with true character and integrity.  We are so lucky to have Sherri on our team of Amazing Agents.  

Thank you Sherri and we wish you so much SUCCESS because you deserve it!

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